perjantai 5. helmikuuta 2016

What I do know.., is, that the more you experience, the more you 'learn' about relationships between audio components, synergy, setting up systems etc., the less you actually know. Basic guideline for me nowadays is, when you find something extraordinaire, keep it that way. Let it grow with you. I've been a 'less is more' advocate maybe about ten years now and that simple principle really has led me to experience things to a whole new different way instead of switching gear constantly and trying to find the 'best'. At least in this hobby and maybe also in life in general. Ok, when you're getting older, maybe that also has something to do with that..

Anyway, my recent experience with these little 8" drivers, pancakes, as some says, has proven that right again. I've learnt, I've grown to love these drivers. These really communicate in a way that is something to behold. My Swissonor system, with the TD160 as a source, communicates musically equally well also, but a little different way. What is the best part, whilst not the cheapest one, especially if you can diy, you could have really musically satisfying speakers for a peanuts, imo. It's all there. I think these are bargain priced drivers, so grab a pair while you can. Let them age (with you) like a good wine..:)

keskiviikko 30. joulukuuta 2015

The dilemma of absorbing material inside the cabinet..

I've been listening my achievements for some time now. I've also experimented with the stuffing and especially the amount of it. Pretty stressful, hah? Anyway, it seems the less the better. Sound will become more alive and resonant, more natural, more balanced and more..smooth :).

The source of these cabs suggested to go with 1-2" polyester aka Dacron, which can be found for example from pillows or straight from fabric stores. That's because the original cabs were lined with the stuff called Kimsul and that's pretty hard to source nowadays. Well, I googled a bit and found, that this material is actually a thin crepe paper which were used as insulation in an old houses. Not anymore though, but it could be found being made for entirely different purpose - as electrical insulation. Made by 100% wood pulp. So off went the Dacron polyester or what was left at the moment haha. But wait, I had no intention to buy 800 kgs of this crepe kraft paper from Alibaba. Instead, I found some very thin crepe paper from my own household. Made an eight layer construction with that, about 30x30 cm and installed that (only) on a back wall just behind the driver as the Japanese (Western Sound Inc.) used to do with their original WE and Altec drivers. Now I'm listening to this version and it's the best so far. So fascinating.

maanantai 28. joulukuuta 2015

Well, the job done..

I started with about 1" polyester stuffing, leaving the front baffle without any of it. Inner wiring A23 green stuff..

First listening at home..pretty decent, but I did expect more liveliness, I contacted JELabs's JE himself and he adviced me to line the side walls and rear cover only, so I removed the stuff from top and bottom. Now we're talking! Big change in sound - for the (much) better, no doubt about it. It's obvious that with the 755A you must 'tune' the drivers and the sound by finding the right amount and (perhaps?) right places for the stuffing inside the cabinet. I'll certainly experiment some more in the future. Now I'm going to enjoy what I've achieved so far. Cheers!

keskiviikko 23. joulukuuta 2015

The cabs are now finished

Can't wait over the Christmas holidays to get the drivers installed and the whole job done..sorry for the lousy iPhone pic quality..

maanantai 7. joulukuuta 2015

JE Labs..WE..Altec..Line Magnetic..

When I purchased vintage Stephen Trusonic 80FR drivers a few years ago, I studied different box alternatives and read very carefully Joseph Esmilla's blog. Very interesting blog and recommend reading if vintage audio, tube amps, old turntables, music etc. are of your interest. From there I also found plans for building simple open baffles for suitable drivers. I figured you can't lose much trying those baffles. So I built them - all in all, a very easy and rewarding project. FR80s really sang at those baffles. I also learned a lot and got used to a different way of sound reproduction. Wow!

At that time, when reading the very same blog, I also got interested in other vintage drivers, mostly Altec, name it. Along with those legends Goodmans, some exotic japanese drivers and others got my attention too. Exciting stuff! Unfortunately - some of those have become very rare and - terribly expensive to acquire for a regular guy like me :). Well, not all of them..I found original Altec 604Cs fitted in quite massive, over 200 litre cabs. I bought them! Highly educational and for sure - what a huge fun I had with those drivers.

Back to LM755As which I recently acquired. I can't afford a pair of original WE755As. Furthermore, I have never heard original ones either and to be honest, as long as LM keeps producing its fantastic remakes for a price almost every common man can afford, I don't care. The feel and fit'n'finish of these drivers are something spectacular. So is the sound. Spec says: 70 - 13000 should never ever judge speaker by its back to JE's blog and the story about WE/Altec 755As and other variants. To make this story short, before I rush into bigger br cabs with the LM755As, I probably should try and build these 2 cf sealed cabs first..also suggested by Joseph himself after a brief chat on Instagram. Thanks, Joseph!

lauantai 5. joulukuuta 2015

Sealed, BR..which way to go..

I've been trying my LM755As fullrange drivers in Swissonor B.A.C.H.8e cabs, both br and sealed mode. Please, don't ask how did I proceed that, but I did anyway..;) I think I've got the answers and I have a strong feeling, that building br cabs is for me to way to go and get the most out of the 755As. Those are real great drivers and I think to get them really sing and real fullrange use is to build big enough cabs, perhaps like these..

torstai 19. marraskuuta 2015

Ideas about enclosures for LM755A

Besides JELabs OB, I'd fancy trying to put the LM755As into these cabs..these are of course Swissonor B.A.C.H.8e tractrix horn speakers from Switzerland. Bass is adjustable from the bottom and the inner volume is about 55-56 ltrs..which is about ideal recommendation for the LM755A. Hmmm.. ;)